From our Founder

There are certain moments that always stick with me when it comes to entertainment. One is going into the theater as an adult to see Princess and the Frog and seeing a theater full of not a lot of kids, but other grown women, just excited to finally see a princess that looked like us. The second is going to see Black Panther, and leaving, feeling like I could conquer anything just like the superhero.

I wanted to create a space where, as soon as you enter into it, there is a sense of pride, boldness, imagination, and fearlessness. RainbowMe is a place that makes it easier for you and the little ones to find children’s entertainment content featuring positive images of main characters of color.

We know that when kids see positive images that reflect who they are, they believe they can be anything. We make sure they see images that are unique, innovative, and magical so that there is no limit on what children can imagine themselves to be.

RainbowMe is our multi-media platform for kids ages 2-12 with content featuring positive images of main characters of color to whom all children can relate.

Kya Johnson

Founder/CEO-RainbowMe Inc.

Our Mission

To create original experiences that brings to life folklore and fairytale characters of color from around the world, adding our own twist on their story and incorporating innovation and technology. We also curate content from around the web that is creative, unique, and features main characters of color.

The Extended Team