7 High Schools telling Black Male Graduation Statistics to KICK ROCKS!

Dec 17, 2020
Recent statistics say that only 59% of black males are graduating from High School. Well the young men at these 7 schools didn't get that memo. These 7 high schools are graduating black males at a rate of 100%. Keep up the amazing work guys!

A&T Middle College 3

Middle College at North Carolina A&T State University


Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

Principal: Mr. Marcus Gause

School Mission: Our mission is to provide a single-gender education that will establish a school culture raising educational achievement in an innovative, nurturing environment where young men are offered exceptionally challenging education opportunities that support academic development at the highest standard.

Brooklyn High School

Brooklyn College Academy


Location: Brooklyn, New York

Principal: Mr. Nicholas Mazzarella

School Mission: Brooklyn College Academy has defined its mission in terms of some basic assumptions which provide the impetus and direction of the philosophy and mission of the school. Among the assumptions are: *Every student can learn.*Challenged students can be motivated to attend.*Personalized settings and courses designed to capitalize on students’ interests and experiences increase the desire to remain in school and learn.*Ongoing support from staff, peers, parents and community resources help students develop self-esteem, overcome negative influences, and appreciate diversity in a multicultural community.*Effective teaching is an interactive process which is more likely to occur when teachers work collaboratively in curriculum development and professional development, as well as participate in the decision making process*Effective instructional programs emphasize scholastic achievement coupled with strong guidance support systems.

Ginn Academy

Ginn Academy


Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Principal: Mr. Nicholas Petty

School Mission: Our mission is to become exemplary students who will reach our full potential and beyond. We will recognize our genius and realize our self-worth. We will stay patient and poised to seize every opportunity for success. We are guided by scholarship, leadership and service to all mankind. The Ginn Academy will cultivate us to become global leaders of the century.

verbum dei

Verbum Dei High School


Location: Los Angeles, California

Principal: Dr. Brandi Odom Lucas

School Mission: Verbum Dei High School is a Catholic college preparatory for young men who are economically and academically underserved in Watts and the surrounding communities. As a Catholic high school, Verbum Dei is dedicated to the full proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. The school is committed to the holistic development of each student and recognizes that each student is a unique individual, shaped by ability, aptitude, culture, and experience.


Urban Prep Academies


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Principal: Mr. Richard Glass (Bronzeville), Mr. Dion Steele (Englewood), Mr. Patrick Robinson (West Campus)

School's Mission: The mission of Urban Prep is to provide a comprehensive, high-quality college preparatory education to young men that results in our graduates succeeding in college.

Jalen Rose Academy

Jalen Rose Leadership Academy


Location: Detroit, Michigan

Principal: Mr. Russell Harris

School Mission: Jalen Rose Leadership Academy will empower all scholars to develop the strength of character, skills, and knowledge needed to matriculate, be great in, and graduate from college so that they have opportunities to be successful in the competitive world and to take care of themselves and the people that they love.


Frederick Douglas High School


Location: Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Principal: Mr. Eddie Scott

School Mission: Frederick Douglass High School empowers our students to become effective communicators, globally-minded problem-solvers, and life-long learners who realize their potential and become ethical, service-oriented citizens.

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